Quality control
At ZHONGQING, quality control is an active, not reactive, function of manufacturing. Quality assurance starts the minute raw materials come in the door and continues through every stage of the casting process. We achieve part-to-part consistency, so the last casting is the same high quality as the first.

Hardness Test The Plane Test

All our manufactures have quality control systems complying with ISO9001:2000 quality control systems. Continuing statistical process control and process capability improvement is applied for(you should use to here instead of for) all products manufacturing process. Our commitment and continuous effort in improving product quality has established our image as a high quality manufacturer and supplier.
กค Staffing - Metallurgical Engineer and Quality Control Technician.
กค Metal Tests Employed - Tensile strength, brinell hardness, spectrographic chemical analysis, chill wedge, carbon equivalent, temperature through immersion pyrometer and photomicrographic analysis.

The Spectromter Made By ARL Company Tension Test