Lingzhang Changqing Machinery Co.,Ltd

Facilities are resin sand production line and medium frequency induction furnace with annual production capacity of 10000 tons for both grey iron and ductile iron castings. 

Casting Flexibility:
, Gray iron CL25 to CL45 in ASTM grades A48, A126, A159, A278, and A319.
, Customized alloys of Nickel, Copper, Molybdenum, Vanadium, and Chromium to your needs.
, Ductile iron ASTM grades A395 and A536.
, Complete ductile service ferritic to pearlitic.
, 60-40-18 to 100-70-03 as cast or heat treated.
, Mil-1-24137 class A Navy shipboard ductile.
, High and low alloy iron.
, Customized Slow-Mold cooling stress relieved castings.
Casting Range:
, Gray Iron C 0.5 to 5,000kgs
, Ductile Iron C 0.5 to 5,000kgs.
, Austempered, corrosion resistant, heat resistant C 0.5 to 2,000kgs.
, High Alloy Gray and Ductile C 0.5 to 2,000kgs.
, No minimum size restrictions, 20 to 6,500kgs.
, Completely equipped for shotblasting, grinding, and inspection.
, Spinhanger blast up to 6,500 pounds.
, Prime painting on-site to your specifications.
, Wood, aluminum, iron, epoxy, plastics, and Styrofoam.
, Complete flexibility to use existing pattern equipment and coreboxes.
, Custom designed gating systems.
, Complete layout and maintenance.
Core Making:
, Complete No Bake, CO2, SO2, isocure capability.